Anne marie pace



How did you come up with the idea for VAMPIRINA BALLERINA?

I was thinking about opposites, or at least, things that are different from one another.  That led to the idea of a vampire who wants to take ballet lessons.  Vampires and ballerinas are very different, right?  I knew I wanted to explore those differences. That’s what writing so often is, exploring ideas on paper and figuring out how to communicate them in a story.

Did you and LeUyen Pham work together? It seems like the pictures and the text work so well together.

Usually in making a picture book, the author and illustrator work separately without talking to each other, but for VAMPIRINA BALLERINA, our editors Kevin and Rotem had us collaborate more than usual. My favorite picture books are those where the pictures have more in them than just the story that’s told with words, and I think LeUyen is a master of that.  There are 37 things I’ve noticed that are her special touches.  You might find even more.

Tell us about the Disney Junior animated series.

Disney Junior is creating an animated series for young children based on VAMPIRINA BALLERINA. The show will be called VAMPIRINA and should begin airing in 2017.  I am not part of the production team, so I am waiting just like all of Vampirina’s fans to see what the show is like.  The people who are making VAMPIRINA are the same people who make the wonderful show DOC MCSTUFFINS, so I am pretty sure VAMPIRINA will be wonderful, too. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Will there be more VAMPIRINA BALLERINA books?

The next book will be called VAMPIRINA AT THE BEACH and it is coming out in April, 2017.  I called it “Beach Blanket Bingo meets Monster Mash”, and I think it will be a lot of fun!

Where can I get a copy of VAMPIRINA BALLERINA and the other books in the series?

You can order them from online booksellers or get them through your favorite local bookstores. If you wanted a signed copy, you can call The Sycamore Tree bookstore at 434-529-8270 and they can have me come in to their store to sign your book and they’ll mail it to you.

Are there party supplies for a Vampirina party?

There are no party supplies that you can buy at stores, but I made a Pinterest page with lots of ideas for making your own Vampirina party.  Go here.

Do you have any ideas for teaching Vampirina Ballerina in my classroom?

My writer friend Natalie Dias Lorenzi, who is also a teacher and school librarian, created a wonderful Vampirina Ballerina teacher’s guide, which you can download here.